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Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all my fellow bloggers in Christ!

Easter is the most important holiday in the catholic faith.

It’s more than Easter egg hunts, and finding a cute outfit to wear.

In a nutshell, Easter is the source and summit of our faith (not just for Catholics, but all Christians).


Note: I’m not pushing religion on anyone, but I’m also not going to hide my faith because others choose to not…

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Roberto Cavalli For Sale

Roberto Cavalli For Sale

Word on the streets is that Permira (a London-based equity firm) is looking to buy Roberto Cavalli (the company, not the man. That would be slavery). Right now, the word is Permira is willing to pay  about $621 million dollars for the company. Not too shabby. Especially if Roberto (the man) will retain a minimum 20% share of the company.

If Roberto was my client, would I advise him to take the…

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HRH Prince George

This ALMOST made me want a baby

HRH Prince George 1a

…until I saw this.

HRH PrinceGeorge 1b

Babies pull hair, and it’s rarely cute. It hurts.

And the unintentional head-butting…

Yep. Biological clock has been put on snooze once again.


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Keep Calm…Because I Can’t: Law School Finals

Keep Calm…Because I Can’t: Law School Finals

I am officially in finals mode. I had an exam yesterday, and my last final isn’t until April 21st.

That being said, don’t expect any post from me between now and then.

I had a few things that I wanted to blog about, but I don’t think I have time to really give commentary.

If you’re interested in my law student life:

The exam I took yesterday was for Constitutional Law.

Monday, I have a final for

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It’s Okay. I Can’t Afford A Ferragamo Right Now Either

It’s Okay. I Can’t Afford A Ferragamo Right Now Either

I really feel like I need this Ferragamo Sofia bag. This particular one is a limited edition.

Other Sofia bags cost around $2,000.


I totally can’t afford that right now because that’s about how much a semester’s worth of casebooks and supplements cost me. And any extra monies I come across need to go into my Paris trip savings account.

So until then, I shall pretend…


Aldo Daubs $55


Aldo B…

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Mini Obsession: Hayden Williams

Mini Obsession: Hayden Williams

I hope he doesn’t get pissed, but I just HAD to share some of the works of fashion illustrator Hayden Williams. I ran across him on Instagram (aka Stalker’s Paradise) and I’ve been gaga about him ever since.





Hayden also has a Tumblr if you prefer that platform.

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Style Inspiration: Anna Dello Russo

Style Inspiration: Anna Dello Russo

Anna Dello Russo’s style is so far from my personal style, but I *get* her.

Her ensembles themselves don’t inspire me, but it’s Anna’s essence that inspires.

THAT is style to me.


If you’re unfamiliar with Anna Dello Russo, go here.


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Why I Won’t Be Attending Coachella

Why I Won’t Be Attending Coachella

1. My Chanel backpack didn’t come in the mail.


No seriously, I’ve seen so many bloggers, socialites, and other fashion girls creaming over their new bag. I think it’s cute…until 500 other chicks show up with the same bag. That’s not very Coachella. That’s more like…Mean Girls.


2. Umm…it’s hot as hell in Coachella. No really. It’s the DAMN DESERT!

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 5.09.28 PM

3. I don’t like to be anywhere where I…

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Sunsets and Shattered Mirrors: Bing Wright

Sunsets and Shattered Mirrors: Bing Wright

Broken Mirror/ Evening Sky

by New York photographer Bing Wright





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Obsession: Cushnie et Ochs Spring ‘14

Obsession: Cushnie et Ochs Spring ’14

Cushnie et Ochs is one of my favorite design houses.

I’m loving what the girls (Carly and Michelle) did for their Spring 2014 collection.

These are just a few pieces that I need in my closet NOW.




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